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This app takes the idea of Steam Tiles, but adapted to the launcher of Bethesda and its games.

Since I have created the app by myself, I can afford to share the source code.

If the app is not in your language, you can help me translate it. I use the POEditor website to manage the texts, so if you have time you can click on the button and translate without having to download files.

Due to how the Bethesda API works I must add the games manually to the app, so forgive the inconvenience if your game does not appear.

When you start the app it will show you all the games available in the Bethesda Launcher app.

Once the game is selected, the app generates a preview of the Tiles. At this point you can Pin Tile or customize it.

If you choose Pin Tile the tile will be added to your Start Menu, it’s up to you to choose the size and location.

If you choose to customize the Tiles, an editor will open where you can modify and change the images of the Tiles before adding them in the Start Menu.