pepeizq's Tiles for Streaming
App to add streaming tv shows and movies Tiles for Windows 10
This project is open source on Github, that means you can take it and do whatever you want with it as long as you respect the license.
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I developed this application years ago when Windows 10 had Tiles, for those of you who use that version of the operating system the app will still work for you. Although the app is paid, you can use the app for free by downloading the source code and with Visual Studio installed. I also point out that the app only works in the United States, Canada and the countries of the European Union due to an absurd rule of the Microsoft Store.
Below I detail how it works:
Search by Platform
Before adding a Tile to the Start menu, the app can search for a series or movie available on the selected platform.
Tiles Customization
Although the app will load default images of the series or movie for the Tile, the user can change them at will or even modify which game the Tile will run.
Also Compatible with Windows 11
The app also works on Windows 11, but it is only capable of adding an icon to the Start menu unfortunately.